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Upgradation of Infrastructure (February 14,2019 )

As is often said ‘Change is the only constant thing in this world’. Those who keep a proactive pace with change, create a better world.

As you know, The Blue Bells School has had a journey of over 38 years. Throughout this journey, the only thing that has kept us contemporary is your trust which has inspired us to adopt a proactive approach to the changing environment.

Your school has always had a Progressive Thinking. It has always reinvented itself. To this effect a proactive approach to learning has inspired us to upgrade our curriculum and pedagogy. As much as we emphasise on the significance of Academics and other co-curricular activities, we also realise the significance of enabling infrastructure.

You may have noticed that Blue Bells has always maintained a proactive approach to the upgradation of infrastructure that enables education and child development. We aspire to ensure that our students always enjoy the legacy of Blue Bells in a contemporary environment.

In keeping with this approach, we are pleased to share with you that we have decided to provide an air conditioned learning environment to our students from the Academic year 2019-20.

In the year to come, all classrooms shall be air-conditioned. The common facilities of the school (common areas like Library, Computer Lab, Art & Music rooms and Medical rooms etc.) have already been air-conditioned.

However you shall appreciate this is an elaborate work involving installation of Air-Conditioning units and upgradation of the electrical system also.

While we desire to have this facility available by April, 2019, you shall kindly appreciate our constraints. Due to the issue of safety and security of the students, this work can be executed only after school hours on teaching days. Hence, we shall strive to activate the facility of Air-Conditioning in all class rooms of the school by the end of June – July 2019. Also we are pleased to share with you that all school buses shall also be air-conditioned.

We hope this move shall make a positive contribution to the learning of students and shall find support with you.